About Julie Tereszcuk

Julie suffered from chronic sinus and ear infections throughout her childhood and into her adult life. Believing that this was ‘just the way it was,’ she tried to make the best of it and keep her health issues in check by taking five daily medications as well as receiving frequent rounds of antibiotics.

One day, Julie came across a Seimei demonstration and decided to give it a try -- thinking what could it hurt? Amazed by the immediate relief from pain she experienced, Julie continued to receive regular sessions to address her chronic conditions.

Miraculously Julie is currently taking only one daily medication. She has needed a prescription for antibiotics only once in the past two years.

The profound healing that Julie experienced, coupled with her empathy for those who needlessly suffer from painful chronic conditions, led her to realize her calling in life is to help others heal. In 2009, Julie traveled to Japan for intensive training where she became a Certified Seimei Practitioner.

Through her training and treatment sessions, Julie discovered that Seimei practitioners have a propensity to help those who suffer from similar conditions.

Julie’s areas of expertise are:

Ear/Nose/Throat Issues
Sinus Pain
Ear Infections
General Relaxation